Loved a Conference and found “the Slideshare”

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

The ConnectED Canada Conference in Calgary was beyond my wildest epectations. I felt so accepted and wanted and I was able to talk about my wild and crazy miniMOOC idea with people who knew what it was. While there wasn’t a huge group of participnats with an eLearning background…..I certainly easily infused the topic that “Blended Learning” is the way of the future…which obviously includes online options….

I even met and chatted with #change11 MOOC participants and some of the speakers which gave me a better idea of what a MOOC really is – AND created connections for further discussion…:)

I have now got my group of “weekly facilitators” including grade 9 students from the Calgary Science School.

The best thing about the conference was that all this “stuff” in my head had an opportunity to get out so that other “stuff” could get in. A great time for new ideas and renewal – greatly appreciated!

My newest INternet search has discovered a “Facilitator’s Guide” on How to Facilitate a MOOC….Lots to learn from here….

BUT…still have to get back to my Lit Review and the world of Connectivism….

Here’s the slideshare show from Stephen Downes


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