Lost in Translation again….

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I finish up my Lit Review readings…understanding that I will neevr truly be finished as one reading stems to another…I have discovered more commonality among the readings: ecology for learning. I keep finding this expression, used in a variety of ways, in my readings. The “connected” piece is obvious because the word ecology reminds me of “webs” within our environment. If I take this “Web” metaphor one step further it reminds me of Peter Senge and “Systems Thinking”. The idea that everything within a system is connected. Systemic learning was a huge part of my previous MA in Leadership and Training from RRU and I often wonder if its not ingrained in everything I see as a result

But that’s where my visual stops- because part of this process for me, is to create an online option for anyone within the k-12 audience outside of the system….The “system” scares me….that’s what I need to dig into, why I have issues with “systems”…My first response is because they don’t support me….I wonder what I mean by that?

I think that I have been pushing too hard to break free of the “system” and “walls” and “restrictions” that I have defined for myself, and instead I ened to focus on the “web” from an “ecological” point of view…and that brings me back to audience.

I have had no problems finding people to present on the topic of Digital Citizenship, but I wonder if they can hear my “big picture”. I wonder if I have created a visual that can engage learners and create an opportunity for a bunch of people to learn together? I have had no one want to collaborate with me…and when I think about leadership, you need followers to lead, otherwise you are just standing by yourself.

So, as I finish up my time on my Lit Review I am going to begin to transition towards my audience (again) and what I am really trying to get out of this experience – and share with others….

I’m wondering how to make the miniMOOC experience a priority for others as well as myself….

My research suggests that the idea of the MOOC and the pedagogy behind it is truly an emerging educational “trend” that has merit and potential. But does K-12 need a MOO Course, or perhaps steps towards open and online collaboration…or both? Maybe the MOOC isn’t what the k-12 market needs….?

I’m rambling…off to reflect…






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