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Hope  I spelled it correctly…

After finishing the first draft of my Lit Review- I thought I could take some time trying to “connect” and learn more….My conclusion in my Lit Review suggests that many Emerging Technology projects are “MOOC”like in their endeavours. I follow Howard Rheingold on twitter. Last week he asked for volunteers for a “peeragogy handbook”. I thought it would be to help write one…

I had to write an e-mail to Howard saying I would be interested….

My first e-mail started like this:

Hi Howard-

I wanted to tell you about why I would like to be a part of your project.

Classroom 2.0 sent out an e-mail asking encouraging everyone and  anyone to participate in a book project about teaching using technology. I wrote a “chapter” because I ha just created what I thought was the most “cutting edge” example of online learning and was rpoud to talk about it….and because I am a mom of 3 kids under the age of 7 and I still consider myself a stay at home mom….This is a copy of the project:

I learned about MOOC’s earlier this year, and was a participant in the #change11 course. I was transformed as a learner and have been in overdrive ever since.  The “over drive” part led mt to your book “Net Smart” which I was hoping could “calm” my dendrites and give me some real life examples of how I can “stay engaed” as a learner and maintain some balance in my life….

I was absolutely flberghasted to see your tweet about this study….

Since #change11, and discovering the opportunities of “open learning” I felt a need to “create a MOOC like course for the K-12 audience. I wanted to “bring” online learning into the regualr classroom and demonstrate that leanring in this day and age goes beyond the four walls.  I found out that I could do an independent project as part of my MET through UBC. I decided to learrn about MOOC’s and the possible design of a MOOC miniMOOC to start in July. I sent an e-mail to Steve Hagardon, Classroom 2.0 and he said that he would love to try and create a network for people trying to “offer” MOOC’s online. I started setting up the concept of a miniMOOC.

Then, after many negative responses, I was given the opportunity to work with a professor (Alex de Cosson) who asked for 3 things in an Independent Project, a Lit Review and PLN and a possible journal article about my experiences from an enthographic autobiography point of view.  He encouraged me to choose books, articles and blogs that I wanted to read – and relate them to my passion. I thought I was

Since I “needed” to read Net Smart – it was the frist one on my list.  The first chapter killed me, kind of reminded me of “The English Patient” short but a killer…but once I finished, I realized my mind was going so fast before I read it, I needed to slow down in order to fully undertsand…that i needed to focus my attention (and how to do it) I was extremely grateful for the analogies and comparisons of the “new learning” through social media to Socrates and Gutenburg. .Of course my reading Net Smart I changed most of my other choices and led me to learning about Mimi Ito, and seriously reconsidering the work of danah boyd. The idea of the “ecology of learning” resonated throughout the readings included the works on connectivism – especially by David Cormier.

I spent May 25-27 at my first “unconference” called connectedCA hosted by the Calgary Science School. It was here that in a session by Bill Belsey, founder of www., we sat in a sharing circle and talked about why we were there and how we feel so bullied and put down by others in Education because we think differently.

Before #change11 I asked the University if I could take “face to face” courses this summer- because I felt like I was “missing out” on something. Although I didn’t know what that something was….In the last year as CEO (Chief Education Offcer) of ww

And I reflected…and didn’t send it….


My actual e-mail looked like this:

The same day I received an invite (from Howard) to be a participant in helping to create a Peeragogy Handbook:

Between editing my Lit Review….I have spent the last week learning about how to be a “Peeragogy Handbook” Newcomer. I received an e-mail from Joe Corneli welcoming me…and in anticipation of the weekly “check-in” in Blackboard – today – I said that I woudl go over the draft of the handbook and write up notes on my first impressions….


So…in the hopes of extending my PLN – this are some of my next steps….The explanation on how to set up a MOOC is excellent in the handbook- if I only I had known about it before I tracked down resources and people….It gives me some assurance that I am doing  things kind of correctly….



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