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This week I am going to be starting the #DigiFoot12 Course

So I thought I would track my digital footprint back to see how far I could go….to the beginning of the #DigiFoot12 idea.

The beginning was writing a chapter for the Classroom 2.0 Book Project.

Then I joined the #Change11 MOOC

I heard Alec Couros present: Alec Couros link

After I spent time as a “lurker” in Alec’s presentation….I began to wonder how I could create a MOOC like course for the k-12 audience and I wondered what that would look like.

I contacted Steve Hargadon with Classroom 2.0 and he eventually created a site for all possible k-12 MOOClike courses

I then presented at the Social Learning Summit – With Calssroom 2.0 – on the Future of Education (Blended Learning)

I was able to take ETEC 580 as a full credit independent graduate project with Dr. Alex De Cosson as my advisor. I proposed a project on teh creation of a k-12 MOOClike course.

I then “connected” with ConnectedLearning and was in the chat box for:

Ethan Zuckerman


Sheryl Nussbaum- Beach and Will Richardson

I also j0ined the group that is creating a handbook based on peeragogy learning with Jo Corneli (mentioned in an earlier post with H.Rheingold)

This morning, I “met in a google hangout based on a “Learning” group that has been created in MightyBell

And now…..I have to get back to creating my ppt to prepare the first group of detectives in Blackboard Collaborate and PLN’s.