Final Notes – ETEC 580

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

ETEC 580 – Final Written Words….

In the midst of facilitating a course for the first time, I did not have a chance to really reflect upon my own learning. I did make some attempts to model blogging at Instead of “modeling” by writing in my blog, I spent my time searching for examples from participants who had written a great post, started a great dsicussion or posted a cool link. I tried to bring all these examples together in the “Daily News” I sent out on a regular basis. I also tried to keep the twitter #digifoo12 tweet flow going, and I was constantly sending out links and examples using the #digifoot12 hashtag.

The Creation of my PLN – These are the resource links, but the people at the end of the connections contributed to the ultimate success of this project. It took more than a village…..

My PLN is now stronger than ever. My twitter following has doubled, but I was careful to use resources to ensure they were actual followers and not just spam. I am really lucky to say that my twitter PLN includes a wide variety of people  in the educational world.

#Digifoot12 Group, Student 2.0:

Student 2.0 provided a central area where members of #DigiFoot12 could centralize with personal profiles, possible email contact information, personal blogs and other resources. This also gave me an opportunity to have a general idea of how many people were in the course (not counting all the lurkers).


MightyBell offered a central location to link digital artifacts created by participants. The ePortfolio look, created a visual scrapbook for #digifoot participants. Although it did not include social media links – like twitter or facebook, it still offered a place for digital material to be collected, connected and shared.
#DigiFoo12 Course wiki:
Using a wiki gave me an opportunity to create a resource area for the participants and myself for my PLN. Although I could never figure out how to create a true twitter feed widget, the wiki has links to connect everyone and everything.  Each week the “Guest” Lead Detective could add and create their own page on the course site (with the exception of Student Voices which I created). I was also able to link every recorded session from Blackbaord or twitter chat for participants to see. Next steps would be to try and organize it – make it “prettier” and easier to read. This is an Open resource which can be offered to my PLN as a resource base OR to anyone who needs some ideas.

The wiki includes connections to:

Twitter, MightyBell, Blackboard Recordings, Diigo, Netvibes, Blog Lists, Twitter Lists,, Edmodo and Student 2.0

I want to repeat that these are only the “digital artifacts” of my PLN and the people involved in the learning process are my actual PLN.
This is my final written summary of my ETEC 580 project on k-12 MOOC’s and Connectivism. It has truly been a journey.


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