Starting a New mooc #Moocmooc

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have registered for a new mooc this week. It starts today and ends in a week – one week! Outstanding idea! This mooc called #moocmooc,:

In this week-long experimental online course, we’ll be investigating exactly what it means to participate in, create, and even envision a MOOC (massive open online course). We’ll be questioning what a MOOC is, how useful this educational format can be, and the new and innovative opportunities toward which it points.
I am enjoying the Canvas LMS thus far, and juts played with some Blue Tooth collaborating feature….Things from a “start up” point of view seem pretty normal and easy to use.


I am finishing up #DigFoot12 this week which was a MOOC dedicated to learning about digital citizenship and social media for anyone in the k-12 world.

I noticed that #moocmooc used a LMS rather than go totally open and online in a wiki – I think this will help to create a network (have easy access to emails) and have one area to hang out. Well done!

This week as a “Connected Educator, I have a couple of MOOC like networking things to do already – so I’ll be busy….but they are all MOOC related…

Tues. Aug 14 – P2pU ConnectedEd Twitter Day

Wed. Aug 15 #DigiFoot12 – Steve Hargadon Badge Presentation and Closing 7pm MDT

Wed. Aug 15 ConnectedEducator’s Month – Bookclub – 7pm MDT

Thurs Aug 16 – #moocmooc k-12 What does a k-12 MOOC look like google hangout LINK TO COME

I am interested to see what the facilitator’s choose to do for synchronous connections – I noticed no weekly Blackboard Elluminate sessions – yet anyplace, anytime Blue Tooth – very interesting?

I just presented about  How and Why to create a k-12 MOOC  using  #DigiFoot12 on Classroom2.0LIVE on the weekend – lots of learning from facilitating a course and I am really looking forward to learning more about the creation of a MOOC.

In my previous posts there is a lot more information about learning how to become a Connected Learner….

Verena 🙂


  1. Shannon Poulsen says:

    Wow! One Mooc journey ends for you and you begin another…love that you are always thirsting for more learning! Keep me posted on your new discoveries. S 🙂

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