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I am wondering if I am my own audience?

There is obviously an established need for a course on digital identity, because we are in the midst of a digital revolution and change in educational focus. However, I am wondering if I am the only one who would want to come to my course?

I was speaking with one of the most educated and involved parents I know today about my plan to create a miniMOOC based on digital identity and she asked me, well what would my son learn? He wouldn’t want to take your course because he doesn’t blog- he researches online.

I wonder how I am presenting myself an my ideas. My enthusiasm for educational change may be getting in the way of the one goal – creating a course and seeing how it works.

I have started campaigning (it feels like campaigning) for collaboration through e-mails, comments and forums:

I am wondering if I am creating my own parade. We ‘ll see if I get any collaborators….